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Silo (left) cowers to the military establishment!
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Wikipedia article about Silo, a failure who died in 2010

The demise of Silo.

Montreal Files Re-released by NoSilo!

 Weird Siloist death ritual featuring Loredana Cici.
Siloist fraud denounced in France.

 Silo Mundo gives links about Siloist activities around the worl

Above: Markus Wende's first book critical of Siloism is in German.
Below: Siloists depicted as monopolistic bullies in Germany.


Siloists conflict with society and use of dishonest legal tactics 


Case study 1

Marie-Claire Desroches

A Siloist woman in Canada, Marie-Claire Desroches, abuses the legal system in her effort to limit freedom of speech. 

Original offending article click here.

Case study 2

A judge in France, Jean-François TRITSCHLER, blasts the Siloist Movement on page 2 for several counts, including their deviousness:

Ce mouvement utopiste, néo-marxiste dans sa critique du capitalisme, a bâti autour d'une notion d'humanisme un concept de pouvoir à vocation universelle dont, les actions et associations humanitaires sont le vecteur. L'ombre d'un philosophe sud-américain: Mario Rodriguez COBOS dit Silo plane sur le mouvement qui réunit "ceux qui croient en Dieu et ceux qui n'y croient pas".
La hiérarchie des membres du mouvement et les transferts financiers paraissent assez mystérieux.

Le caractère totalitaire de ce mouvement philosophique qui se sert de la notion d'humanisme avec plus de goût pour le pouvoir que pour la charité, est inquiétant.

Case study 3

Marie-Claire Desroches again uses the legal system in her attempt to silence ex-members, but she is defeated in Superior Court. "Humanist cult" is named in paragraphs 9 and 10 of the judgment. Desroches could not be reached for unofficial comment, neither could her "Little Drummer Boy."

Last page of judgment is reproduced below.

( English machine-translation.)  

Case study 4

Humanist Party's "dirty war" against its former members


Case study 5

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Lies My Guru Told Me is the first book in English critical of Siloists and Siloism. 


Blurb from Amazon: Silo's Humanist Movement, an underground political group with a pernicious philosophy, originated in South America and is active in Canada. Enrico, the guru of a Montreal chapter, launches an extended campaign of brainwashing against Adam, a young man under his influence, coercing Adam into joining this strange system of distorted unreality. The manipulative Enrico plots to set up an unwanted relationship between Adam and a senior woman in the Movement at war with her own womanhood - and Adam is the only one unaware of this deceitful betrayal. What follows is a nightmarish descent into madness: Adam becomes entangled in a diabolical love triangle, subjected to degrading mind control, delusive tactics and sexual assault. Adam gradually begins to understand the true nature of the hell he’s trapped in and starts to find a way out before his sanity is lost. Based on a true story, Lies My Guru Told Me is a complex psychological study, a cautionary tale of the danger cults pose to our society, and an unsettling reminder of the relative ease with which they can enter our lives and take over our bodies and souls.


Favourable review 1 - A harrowing story of cult life, July 8, 2013

Favourable review 2 - A bleak look at cult life in Montreal, February 4, 2014 

Favourable review 3 -  Lies My Guru Told Me is a must read!, Feb. 7 2014

Favourable review 4 - Fascinating read from a legal perspective, June 6, 2015


Case study 6


Author Rex Voluntas reports an unfortunate Ad Hominen attack against him by "Ashtar Command", who gives his location as Sweden, which sounds familiar to NoSilo! It seems Ashtar Command has been obsessed with attacking ex-siloists for several years, as is documented on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. In this 2007 FAQ article, we read the following exchange:

Q. Do you ever get angry, harassing or threatening letters from current Siloists?

A. In this business, if you don't get hate mail, you're not agitating hard enough. Yes, we have had strange mail from Chicago to Sweden to Canada, which we suspect is from current Siloists.

Read the extended article and follow Rex Voluntas on Twitter or Facebook.


Case study 7 


Following on the attacks against former Siloists contemplated in case study 6 above, NoSilo! reports an attempted hijacking of its email by a mysterious user in Sweden, home country of Ashtar Command:

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Case study 8


NoSilo! has learned about a suspect in a then-ongoing criminal investigation who communicated with Marie-Claire Desroches. Desroches, the named suspect in Montreal Police file # 32-030216-004, collaborated with the suspect in Laval Police file # 020411-011. Specifically, Desroches entered into contact with the suspect in Laval Police file # 020411-011 and sent to his attention letters which she felt could help exonerate him from criminal charges in Laval. In his declaration to the police, the suspect states at the top of handwritten page 8 that he received letters from Marie-Claire Desroches. By the middle of page 8, the police stopped to photocopy the letters and suspect was cleared of all wrongdoing without a complete criminal investigation. Other than criminal conspiracy to arrange their mutual exoneration from the Canadian judicial system, the two suspects should have no reason for knowing each other.




Siloism in Canada article about history of Siloism in Canada

Humanist Party of Quebec, registered in 1984

Humanist Party of Ontario
Humanist Party of Quebec

Daniel Zuckerbrot, Silo's bagman in Toronto, tolerated a high level of anti-Semitism in his acolytes.

  Zuckerbrot has squandered his tremendous talent and charismatic personality on Silo's foolish project.

Marie-Claire Desroches, former Central Admi of Council Xi

Profile of Desroches from

Above: short film about people from Laval. 

Desroches is a native of Laval, Quebec, a city whose public administration is so morally rotten that its mayor was arrested for corruption in 2013.

Above, an alternative map of Greater Montreal, showing Laval in pink with title "Filles Faciles" in French, i.e. "loose women," as if it were one of Laval's natural vocations. Laval is known even to French-speaking Canadians as the source of much foolishness and frivolous pursuits and the hometown of several Siloists in the Canadian structure.

Above is a Siloist film about the highly sexualized Admi sector. From the start of the film, there is the sound of a sexy female groaning: why? All the Admis shown are women, even the computer-simulated Admis and they are depicted leaning and walking in sexy positions: why?

Source: McGill Daily. Above: Campaign publicity handbill (front and back) for Marie-Claire Desroches - Independant Humanist Candidate
Compare the quality of two people who, like Marie-Claire Desroches, also ran for Mayor of Montreal as independents

Convicted pedophile Daniel Cormier
French supremacist Michel Brulé

Daniel Cormier background articles in English and French.

Michel Brulé background articles in English and French.

Accomplice to Central Administrator is himself a mean piece of work

Enrique has been known to appreciate Star Trek reruns and marvel at the high level of aesthetics in their early production values. NoSilo!'s tribute to Star Trek features a portrait of Pato Guzman, a Chilean who was responsible for Star Trek's earliest interior set design. Yes, if you ever wondered who was responsible for those 1964-era sets on the star ship Enterprise, it was a Spanish-speaking Hispanic Chileno, no greater a Chilean than Enrique de la Barrera, but as Chilean as empanadas and vino tinto... Just look at those wrinkle rocks on the exterior sets! Don't they remind you of the shores of Valparaiso? Maybe the late Pato Guzman had an influence on those wrinkle rocks too? Remember, Star Trek's very first production designer was a non-Siloist CHILENO named Pato Guzman. Today and not tomorrow, Pato Guzman.

 Siloist woman ran for Premier of Quebec under Humanist Party banner! 
Above: Pretentious orange arm band, orange necklace, orange HP label button, orange undershirt, the bespectacled Colette Renaud ran for public office to be Premier of Quebec in 1985.
Source: McGill Daily Français

 Ex-Members speak out