Case studies

Case study 1

Marie-Claire Desroches

A Siloist woman in Canada, Marie-Claire Desroches, abuses the legal system to rattle the cage of an innocent journalist in her effort to limit his freedom of speech. 

Original offending article click here.

Case study 2

A judge in France, Jean-François TRITSCHLER, blasts the Siloist Movement on page 2 for several counts, including their deviousness:

Ce mouvement utopiste, néo-marxiste dans sa critique du capitalisme, a bâti autour d'une notion d'humanisme un concept de pouvoir à vocation universelle dont, les actions et associations humanitaires sont le vecteur. L'ombre d'un philosophe sud-américain: Mario Rodriguez COBOS dit Silo plane sur le mouvement qui réunit "ceux qui croient en Dieu et ceux qui n'y croient pas".
La hiérarchie des membres du mouvement et les transferts financiers paraissent assez mystérieux.

Le caractère totalitaire de ce mouvement philosophique qui se sert de la notion d'humanisme avec plus de goût pour le pouvoir que pour la charité, est inquiétant.

Case study 3

Marie-Claire Desroches again abuses the legal system to rattle the cage of her sexual victim.  Desroches fails in her attempt to silence ex-members and she is defeated in Superior Court. The "Humanist cult" is named in paragraphs 9 and 10 of the final judgment of Madam Justice Pierrette Sevigny who took 40 weeks and six days to read, think about and write her well-considered and well-informed decision, the last page of which is reproduced below.

Now, obviously, if the Defendant had wanted to rattle Desroches' cage in return, his most obvious choice of action would have been to file a counter-suit against her, and yet he did not. Defendant again showed restraint and good faith when Desroches' lawyer sent him a notice to appear at court to attend his own trial in October 2009, some 7 months after Desroches had lost the February 2009 final judgment and there was no appeal filed by March 2009!

Had Defendant wanted to rattle Desroches' cage by driving up her legal costs and causing her trouble, he could have simply accepted the erroneous offer for a trial. As it happens, Defendant communicated with the court clerk and also the court's then interim director, Diane Laniel, who was quite helpful to Defendant. Laniel related how she had been quite surprised when, returning from vacation in September 2009, she saw the case was again on the rolls and advancing to trial. Using diplomatic and subtle language, Laniel postulated a scenario where Desroches' attorney would have called the court clerk and asked for a court date, acting as a matter of habitual course. The court clerk, would not have known the case had been dismissed seven months earlier and the appeal period having expired without appeal six months earlier. The court clerk, acting also as a matter of course, would have granted the request for a trial date as part of their usual work.

Supported by the friendly and professional Diane Laniel, herself sometimes overlooked and underappreciated by the legal profession, Defendant wrote a letter to Desroches' attorney and asked him to yield to the logic of the situation. Shortly thereafter, Defendant the defendant received a notice from Desroches' attorney saying Desroches was abandoning the case in September 2009. When it comes to improper use and abuse of the court system, Marie-Claire Desroches is the champion at rattling the cage of her victims.

Desroches could not be reached for unofficial comment, neither could her "Little Drummer Boy."

In support of her motion, Desroches filed a sworn affidavit dated October 12 2007, in which she lied without qualm under oath several times to the court including when she lied without qualm to Hon. Roger E. Baker and when she lied without qualm to Hon. Pierrette Sevigny. Desroches also misled the court more than once when she failed to tell the whole truth. She took an oath! Over the course of this year, NoSilo! will publish a complete analysis and expose of how Desroches perjured herself, with specific reference to numbered paragraphs. Stay tuned.

Case study 4

Humanist Party's "dirty war" against its former members


Case study 5

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Lies My Guru Told Me is the first book in English critical of Siloists and Siloism. 


Blurb from Amazon: Silo's Humanist Movement, an underground political group with a pernicious philosophy, originated in South America and is active in Canada. Enrico, the guru of a Montreal chapter, launches an extended campaign of brainwashing against Adam, a young man under his influence, coercing Adam into joining this strange system of distorted unreality. The manipulative Enrico plots to set up an unwanted relationship between Adam and a senior woman in the Movement at war with her own womanhood - and Adam is the only one unaware of this deceitful betrayal. What follows is a nightmarish descent into madness: Adam becomes entangled in a diabolical love triangle, subjected to degrading mind control, delusive tactics and sexual assault. Adam gradually begins to understand the true nature of the hell he’s trapped in and starts to find a way out before his sanity is lost. Based on a true story, Lies My Guru Told Me is a complex psychological study, a cautionary tale of the danger cults pose to our society, and an unsettling reminder of the relative ease with which they can enter our lives and take over our bodies and souls.


Favourable review 1 - A harrowing story of cult life, July 8, 2013

Favourable review 2 - A bleak look at cult life in Montreal, February 4, 2014 

Favourable review 3 -  Lies My Guru Told Me is a must read!, Feb. 7 2014

Favourable review 4 - Fascinating read from a legal perspective, June 6, 2015


Case study 6


Author Rex Voluntas reports an unfortunate Ad Hominen attack against him by "Ashtar Command", who gives his location as Sweden, which sounds familiar to NoSilo! It seems Ashtar Command has been obsessed with attacking ex-siloists for several years, as is documented on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. In this 2007 FAQ article, we read the following exchange:

Q. Do you ever get angry, harassing or threatening letters from current Siloists?

A. In this business, if you don't get hate mail, you're not agitating hard enough. Yes, we have had strange mail from Chicago to Sweden to Canada, which we suspect is from current Siloists.

Read the extended article and follow Rex Voluntas on Twitter or Facebook.


Case study 7 


Following on the attacks against former Siloists contemplated in case study 6 above, NoSilo! reports an attempted hijacking of its email by a mysterious user in Sweden, home country of Ashtar Command:

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